5 Ways Martial Arts Builds Discipline

There’s more to Martial Arts than Self Defense, kicking, and punching. It also builds life skills like confidence, courtesy, respect, honesty, and discipline.

Discipline is not limited to any age group or situation. Also, discipline can contribute to better outcomes at home, school, work, and in society.

There are two levels of discipline. The first is the discipline to obey what one has been told to do. The next is to have the self-discipline to act without being told. 

Here are five ways that Martial Arts training builds discipline:

  1. Martial Artists have the discipline to “follow the rules.”

Martial Arts are usually and best taught in a structured setting like a dojo where students have to follow the rules. When one follows the rules repeatedly, it becomes a habit. Setting a routine, and adhering to it, becomes discipline

At home, an example would be to always brush one’s teeth before going to bed. Initially, children need to be reminded every night. But, eventually, they have the self-discipline to do it without being reminded.

  1. Martial Artists learn to set goals and have the discipline to continue until goals are met. 

Long and short-term goals are essential for success in life. Whether it’s for a Black Belt or simply doing more pushups than the last time, this is true.

Studies have found that those who set goals and have the discipline to follow through with them will be more successful throughout their life.

  1. Martial Arts students have disciplined role models

Whether it is the Sensei or senior students, participants have visible examples of what and how to perform correctly.

Instructors highlight the disciplined students who are performing correctly. This encourages other students to follow their example. Students soon see that the disciplined students get attention by doing things the right way and, when they mirror the correct actions, they will also be praised for doing so.

At home, Disciplined Martial Artists will be positive role models for their siblings and children.  

  1. Martial Artists have the Discipline to focus on the task at hand.

 Students learn to focus on the instructor’s lesson and not be distracted by other things in the environment. They know to be aware but not distracted by non-relevant events. 

At home, this translates to the Discipline to complete their homework before going out to play.

  1. Martial Artists learn to listen attentively.

Students quickly learn the benefits of paying attention to what the teacher is saying. Missing key instructions can be embarrassing. They also learn that it is OK to politely ask for clarification if they do not understand what the teacher meant. Listening skills are essential at home, school, work, and in society.

The discipline learned in Martial Arts training can significantly enhance one’s chances for success at every age. Martial Arts could change your life, and the lives of your children, for the better.