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6/27/2018 - WOMENS PERSONAL PROTECTION (1st week)

This will be a great course! Mom's bring Daughters, Daughters bring friends, Students going to College. Realtors bring fellow agents! Limited space don't miss this. 


 1. Avoidance, Situational Awareness,   

2. Escapes from grabs    

  •  You can participate in as much as you feel comfortable.  
  • This course is only $79.99 for 4 weeks (Group discounts are available)

7/11/2018 - WOMENS PERSONAL PROTECTION (2nd week)


 3. Vital points to strike
4. How to fall without getting hurt. What to do if knocked to the ground (Ground / rape Defenses) 

  • You can participate in as much as you feel comfortable.  

7/18/2018 - WOMENS PERSONAL PROTECTION (3rd week)


5. Knife and gun defense.
6. Hands on training

  • You can participate in as much as you feel comfortable.

7/25/2018 - WOMENS PERSONAL PROTECTION (4th week)

Review & perfect!

Parents Night Out 6/29/2018

Parents enjoy a night out, while the kids have a great night of FUN with the COOLEST place possible! 

FUN KID's EVENTS; Birthday Parties, Nurf Warriors...

The School/ Dojo is available rentals; kids events, Personal Protection Classes, Pre-Military training, Pre-Police training.... 

Anti-Bullying Programs (Adults, Teens & Kids)

Because Kids Aren't the ONLY Ones That Live in FEAR!

 *Are You “In FEAR for Your Loved Ones Being Bullied”?

*How Do We Keep BRAZEN Bullies from Preying on Classmates, Employees...?
*Are Kids, Teens & Adults KILLING Themselves Over Bullying?.....  Yes

“Experts Agree; That Bullying Has Sky Rocketed Teen Suicides”!!!

SAD Story:

"Recently; Brandon Bitner (only 14 years old), of Snyder County, became another Teen that Succumbed to the Incessant CRUELTY of Bullies and ENDED His Life"!!!!!

“Brandon stepped in front of a tractor-trailer rig on U.S. Routes 11/15 in Perry County, leaving behind a suicide note that said he felt powerless against the merciless taunting he had suffered for years from classmates”.
*He was a student at Mid-West High School in rural Snyder County!


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