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10/12/2018 - PERSONAL PROTECTION (1st week)

This will be a great course! Mom's bring Daughters, Daughters bring friends, Students going to College. Realtors bring fellow agents! Limited space don't miss this. 


 1. Avoidance, Situational Awareness,   

2. Escapes from grabs    


YMCA OF THE SEACOAST at 550 Peverly Hill Road, Portsmouth, NH 03801

TIME: This is a 4 week course starting 10/12/2018 at 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

COST:  Early Registration is ONLY $60.00  or Pay at the door $80.00

Group discounts are available!

GENERAL INFO:   No experience necessary.    Open to ladies & men!

You can participate in as much as you feel comfortable.!  


10/19/2018 - PERSONAL PROTECTION (2nd week)


 3. Vital points to strike
4. How to fall without getting hurt. 

 5. What to do if knocked to the ground (Ground / rape Defenses) 

  • You can participate in as much as you feel comfortable.  

10/26/2018 - PERSONAL PROTECTION (3rd week)


5. Knife and gun defense.
6. Hands on training

  • You can participate in as much as you feel comfortable.

11/2/2018 - WOMENS PERSONAL PROTECTION (4th week)

Review & perfect!

Parents Night Out 10/5/2018

Parents enjoy a night out, while the kids have a great night of FUN with the COOLEST place possible! 

FUN KID's EVENTS; Birthday Parties, Nurf Warriors...

The School/ Dojo is available rentals; kids events, Personal Protection Classes, Pre-Military training, Pre-Police training.... 


Anti-Bullying Programs (Adults, Teens & Kids)

Because Kids Aren't the ONLY Ones That Live in FEAR!

 *Are You “In FEAR for Your Loved Ones Being Bullied”?

*How Do We Keep BRAZEN Bullies from Preying on Classmates, Employees...?
*Are Kids, Teens & Adults KILLING Themselves Over Bullying?.....  Yes

“Experts Agree; That Bullying Has Sky Rocketed Teen Suicides”!!!

SAD Story:

"Recently; Brandon Bitner (only 14 years old), of Snyder County, became another Teen that Succumbed to the Incessant CRUELTY of Bullies and ENDED His Life"!!!!!

“Brandon stepped in front of a tractor-trailer rig on U.S. Routes 11/15 in Perry County, leaving behind a suicide note that said he felt powerless against the merciless taunting he had suffered for years from classmates”.
*He was a student at Mid-West High School in rural Snyder County!


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