6 Reasons to Start Martial Arts This Summer

With summer in full swing, our weekly routines have changed and new schedules are beginning. Summer break is often seen as an opportunity to relax and escape the “hustle and bustle” of the school year. This often means halting other educational activities such as math enrichment, music lessons, and martial arts. Here are six reasons to continue martial arts this summer.

  1. Summer is a great time to start a new skill.

During the Summer there is less competition with other organized sports and activities. It is a perfect time to learn a new skill and have fun while getting some much-needed exercise, it is a fantastic alternative to wasting time playing video games. 

  1. Martial Arts keep the mind sharp.

If you don’t use it, you lose it. Studies have shown that if a child does not do math and reading during the summer vacation will forget 17-35% of their skills when they return to school in the fall. Teachers have to spend the first one to two months reviewing last year’s curriculum for those who did not do summer studies. Martial Arts are the same. It is a skill that needs to be practiced if expected to be able to use it when needed.

  1. Martial Arts keep the body sharp.

Just like the mind, the body needs to be exercised to keep in shape. Martial Arts is a great physical activity to stay or get in shape and a great alternative to being a couch potato watching TV or playing video games.

  1. Martial Arts will build/continue the positive habit of discipline.

Discipline is merely a positive habit that has been created and added to your daily/weekly/monthly routine. 

Martial Arts training teaches your child the positive habit of Discipline of attending classes regularly and practicing at home. 

Unfortunately, it is easier to break a good habit than to make one. Skipping training during the summer breaks their habit pattern of training and also teaches them the bad habit that it is OK to skip training when it is inconvenient. Skipping training one week can set one back two months. 

  1. Don’t get behind.

Taking the Summer off will place them behind the students who continue training. 

New skills are learned in every class. Many students who take the Summer off and come back to class, find that others have progressed in rank and skills they have never seen and become embarrassed and discouraged. Private lessons are needed to catch up.

  1. Winners never quit. Quitters never win.

One of the axioms of Martial Arts is “Winners Never Quit!  Quitters Never Win!”

Even with the best intentions, most students who “take the Sumer Off” never return.

It is not good to set a precedent that when it gets inconvenient or challenging that quitting is an option. It is better to reduce participation, to once a week for example, than to take two months off.  It is much harder to start back up than to just continue training. 

What can you do?

How to maintain your child’s interest in Martial Arts during the summer.

Even short breaks in training will slow your child’s progress in Martial Arts.

Here are a few suggestions.

  1. For a one-week vacation, have them practice their Kata (Forms) and blocks for only five minutes a day. A beach is a great place, their friends might be impressed and want to join them in class.
  2. Attend Online classes. Great for rainy days at the camp.
  3. Come to class on rainy days
  4. Reduce attendance to once a week 
  5. Work with the school for an adjusted payment plan for the summer. It is better for the school and the student to have them continue at a reduced participation schedule than to lose them altogether.

Martial Arts training can be a great activity during the summer.