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Please contact Mr. P (Program Director) #(603) 749-4777 or Master Kiklis #(207) 517-0800

Why take MARTIAL Arts/ Science?


  • Seacoast Warriors in Dover, helps you builds Self Confidence & Self Esteem 
  • Learn to Protect Yourself & Your Loved Ones! 
  • Stop being  Sacred to Walk 
  •  GREAT Exercise: Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional. Alone!
  • Give or Get the "Gift of Inner Peace"!   (refer a friend)
  • Pre-Training for Military or Police (Discounts Available)! 
  •  GREAT Exercise "low Impact"
  • Develop yourself: Physically, Mentally, Spiritually and Emotionally with jujitsu in Dover .
  • Develop greater concentration & focus! 
  • Learn martial arts in Dover, NH

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  •  Personalized training with a ADULT certified Instructors & Masters
  • Wide range of Martial Arts available to learn
  • Develop a wider range of "Martial Arts skills"   
  • Programs for all ages
  • Private Lessons available (upon request)
  • Class Schedule times that are convenient for you and allow you to be most productive. 

Real Testimonials

 "Self Confidence - Leads to Higher Grades & a Happier Dad"!
"At  only 105 lbs. I was taught, "How to throw a Full Sized man (well over 200 lbs.) in just 15 minutes". My Dad still can't Believe it! After training with Dana, my Dad he feels much better about me going away to school!    Most importantly; my Self Confidence went way up and so did my grades!   Thanks Dana!"
       Jessica, Salem NH 

 Being Friendly, Nice Having Fun Makes it Easier to Learn;
"We  really like the atmosphere at Dana's seminars; he is always friendly, nice, understanding, patient and teaches exceptionally well!   I can't wait until Dana's Next Self Defense Course."
       Candice, Dover, NH 

 There's NO Substitute For REAL Life Experience;
"With so many real life experiences we were IMPRESSED.... Dana is always technically and personally excellent! 

        Keith, England 

 "Fans from Across the Pond (Europe)"! 

 "We loved having Dana come over to France it was a real treat! Not only  did Dana do the BEST Knife Defense Seminar I have ever seen in 20+ years  of training, but he covered Healing on the last day of the seminar!   Dana even got our wives up on the floor to demonstrate  the Pressure Healing techniques like; Headaches, Back aches and many  more.... The wives are still asking for him to come back!"
        Claude, Paris France 

 "We  really like the atmosphere at Dana's seminars; he is always friendly, nice, understanding, patient and teaches exceptionally well!
        Stephan, France 

 "We learned the BEST & MOST EFFECTIVE (Real World) Knife techniques I have  ever learned. Dana was Fluid & Fast!"
       Alain, France 

My  students loved watching Dana teach! Not a surprise that learning the efficiency and realism of his techniques! He is a True Master and  teaches quality Martial Arts!" 
       Jean Paul (8th degree Black Belt), France 

 Pressure Points Make The Difference for Fighters;
"After  decades of Martial Arts training & Full Contact Fighting; I can't believe How this pressure points make it almost effortless to Knock someone Out"!
       Tom (World Kick Boxing Champion), Lynn, MA  

 State Wrestling Champions Appreciate...
"Sensei Dana is the BEST Most rounded Martial Artist/ Teacher I have ever  seen.   His knowledge of Striking, Jujitsu, Ground Fighting integrated with the Pressure Points would have me it effortless to win my State Title.   Boy I wish I had trained with him sooner!"
       Gene, Dover, NH 


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