Self-Defense & Martial Arts

for the Whole Family

Seacoast Warriors is a martial arts school located in Dover, New Hampshire. At Seacoast Warriors, we use a variety of traditional and non-traditional martial arts techniques to teach self-defense to children and adults. 

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3 Front St, Unit 102

Rollinsford, NH

Daily: 9AM - 9PM

Classes & Programs

Kids Martial Arts

We have a range of programs for children ages 3 to 13! Our programs instill discipline, respect, and confidence.

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Adult Martial Arts

Our Adult class is for those looking for street smart self-defense utilizing Karate, Jujitsu, Kyusho Jitsu, Tuite, Wrestling, and Arnis disciplines.

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Bully Prevention

Your child will learn techniques to avoid, prevent and defend against bullies and what to do if bullied.

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Woman’s Personal Protection

Learn how to avoid confrontations, what to do if someone confronts you, and what not to do.  

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Such dedication and commitment to the kids’ learning the art of martial arts. Focuses on self-defense, but also self-discipline and self-control. Great values for any kid growing up. And kids love it!!! 

– David S.

What Makes Us Different?

Our goal at Seacoast Warriors is to a provide safe realistic self-defense and martial arts training environment that will allow each student to develop confidence, physical stamina, mental strength, and an indomitable spirit.

Here’s what makes us different: 

  • We are not one “traditional” Martial Arts school.
  • We are a school that uses a variety of traditional and non-traditional Martial Arts techniques to teach self-defense to children and adults.
  • We believe traditional Martial Arts and sports are very beneficial but can be inappropriate and counter-productive in many self-defense situations.
  • Self-defense is not a sport. There are no “rules” at the playground or on the street.
  • Instructors at Seacoast Warriors love and respect the numerous traditional martial arts and sports they have studied to create a unique training program to help children and adults avoid and defend themselves against bullies and strangers.

In addition to martial arts and self-defense training,  Seacoast Warriors, students also learn:

  1. Life skills of courtesy, respect, discipline, and responsibility
  2. To set and achieve SMART goals (Personal, Academic and Martial Arts)
  3. The value of community service and receive rewards for accomplishments

Our Instructors have studied and are ranked in:

  • Judo, Taekwando, Kempo Karate,  Ryukyu Jujitsu, Kyuko Jujitsu, Uechi Ryu Karate, Ishen Ryu Karate, Wrestling, Arnis, Kick Boxing

Our Instructors

Master Dana Kiklis

Master Dana Kiklis

6th Dan

Master Dana Kiklis has nearly forty years of martial arts experience. He is a Certified Master Instructor, holds many ranks, and is cross trained in several disciplines.

Gene Paltrineri

Gene Paltrineri

3rd Dan

Gene Paltrineri has more than 40 years of martial arts experience in a variety of disciplines including Taekwondo, Kyusho Jujitsu, Brewster Arnis, Wrestling, and Judo.   

Brenden Plante

Brenden Plante

3rd Dan

Mr. Plante is second Dan in Taekwando. He also holds experiences in a variety of disciplines including Kyusho Jitsu and Brewster Arnis. 

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